Renting out an apartment, house or condo in Richmond, Virginia is not always easy. As a property owner, you want reliable tenants and a well maintained property. Instead of handling all of the emergencies and complications personally, allow the professional property management team at Flato Companies to handle the details of renting out a property.

Our team of experienced professionals understand the Richmond rental market and connect property owners with the right tenants for their goals. We handle the marketing, background checks, credit checks and emergency maintenance so property owners can focus on expanding their real estate business, enjoying time with family or exploring personal hobbies and interests.

Stop wasting time on complicated marketing strategies or researching the rental market before looking for a tenant. Allow our team to handle the details of renting out and managing the property. We will take measures to maintain the property before and after a tenant moves. We also handle emergencies and connect the owner with an appropriate tenant. Feel confident in the tenants who move into your apartment, condo or rental property with the help of experienced and trained professionals.